Classical Music

Classical music, like other forms of classical art, has not as many takers as those of light music. Nonetheless, classical music has its fans too and lots more are falling to its charms. Yet, those who turn to it often find it rather beyond their understanding and real appreciation. They are charmed by it, but they cannot critically explain why it appeals them. You cannot rationalize its appeal or beauty. 

Another reason why a large majority of people are not very comfortable with classical music is its complexity and a sense of distance from the artist. Light music can be easily sung by ordinary artists with whom ordinary listeners can identify easily. It expresses the feelings of ordinary persons in their own language. Classical music, on the other hand, is rather mysterious and is rendered in diverse styles and it takes years, sometimes a life long time to understand .But its study has its rewards too. The more you study it, the more you enjoy it and the more you find it wonderful and worth the effort and hard work to study it.
The study or appreciation of classical music depends upon your individual taste. A form of music that appeals to you may not appeal to another person. You may come across experts who may try to influence you by their judgments about the quality of music. You may listen to them, but you should not compel yourself to like the music that they like. Or if you come across a much-acclaimed piece of music that you cannot really appreciate, you do not have to blame yourself for not liking it. You may of course try to find out why the particular expert likes a given piece of music. May be, you find some point to learn.
The most important thing about classical music is to listen to it as much as you can. Classical music CDs are available from many sources. If you are a student, your college library may have an abundant stock of classical music CDs. You can listen to radio, watch TV, and go to concerts and recitals. You can also get free downloads from the Internet, if you do not want to spend money.

License Music - Classical New Age Ambient Music For Your Projects

Have you ever wondered where to find music for your website, your promotional video, your film, your power-point presentation, your art exhibition, your yoga class, your spa or any other project of yours that would be greatly enhanced by the right kind of music?

Easy as pie. Do you believe that licensing music legally always involves going through lengthy complicated procedures and that the cost of music for your project might be too high for your budget?

Well, that is not necessarily the case.


If you are in the film, broadcast, new media business or work in the holistic world and need to license classical-new age music for your project, I can help you. You may contact me through my website's easy contact form.

I specialize in classical-new age, ambient, instrumental, spiritual music, healing music, oriental music, jazzy music and motivational music. I give you music composed with sounds of both classical western instruments and oriental musical instruments.


You may also license my music for any holistic project like Spas, Healing Centers and websites with a focus on self-help, personal growth and spiritual healing. My sound healing tracks are licensed as inspiring background music for many holistic healing practices, like relaxation techniques, meditations, metaphysical healing, chakra meditations, psychic meditations, soul meditations, acoustic meditations, reiki healing, yoga, energy medicine practices, qigong healing, aiki healing, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and creative visualizations. You may license it also as background music for visualization boards designed to apply the law of attraction.


Do you want to know upfront how much you would pay for the music for your specific kind of project without filling out endless forms, sending faxes or emails, having several telephone calls, or scheduling preliminary meetings that might cost you time and fuel?

No problem.

I use an online License Quote calculator, so you can get an immediate quote online according to the nature and the size of your project.


I know you are busy, so I make it easy for you to listen to my music online to choose the right song for your project. On my music listening page you may use my online radio (so you can listen to several songs uninterruptedly while you do other tasks online). You also have the option to listen to song samples, either with a fast or with a slow internet connection. And of course, I can also pick the right song for your project if you let me know by email the nature, the purpose, the feeling or the message of your project.

Have an easy time licensing music. And best wishes of success with your project.
By: Javier Ramon Brito